The Horror…

Back when Donald Trump announced he was running for president on June 16, 2015, most of my friends thought he was a joke that would last two weeks. I didn’t. I used to work for real estate attorneys in New York City back in the 1990s. I knew how much he was despised and how no one would do anything about his heinous, bullying behavior. I knew he would get the nomination. My friends wanted to shut me up every time I mentioned Trump. They’d tell me to calm down. They’d speak platitudes like: “Trust me, he’ll never last. No one will vote for him.” In the last few months, their dialogue has changed: “Well, even if he gets the nomination, he’ll never be elected in the generals.” Guess what? He could easily be elected in November.

His primary win tonight in Indiana all but seals the deal. The Republican convention will be a crowning of Trump, a man who does not actually want to be president, but will do
it anyway (and run the country like a four-year long Celebrity Apprentice series). If you think he cannot win the general election, guess again. I am horrified by this primary process in the same way I was when I watched George W. Bush take the presidency in 2000. We all know how well that turned out.

Watch some Trevor Noah on Donald Trump.  Then watch John Oliver. The presidential primaries have been great for comedians, but for the United States, not so much.


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